Legality Of Gambling In Various Countries

By | April 11, 2021

Online gambling has been developed and is considered legal in some places, however in other countries it is still in the development stage and not regarded as legal. Many places have to still legalize the online betting and mainly the types like online sports betting or online poker. If you are new into this world, you should go through the guides explaining you the points of legalization regarding online gaming of your country.

It is good to know which countries favor for casino and which countries are against it. In addition to this, sometimes it becomes a complex issue and sometimes this system keeps on changing. Nevertheless, always keep a guide with you to get updated regularly.

Mentioned below is the quick guide to know about the status of internet gambling of some countries, have a peep into it and know the status of various countries.

  • Antigua & Barbuda: Internet gambling is legal over here.
  • Argentina: Internet gambling was previously banned here, but in October 2008, it became a hit. However untaxed and unregulated internet gambling was again banned, and now the government is thinking to revere the ban.
  • Belgium: In 2002, online gambling has been legalized here. However, EU I imposing pressure in this country to open into international market of gambling.
  • Brazil: In Brazil, online gambling is not fully legalized. You cannot find any gambling sites over here as government has banned it. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a lottery game here as it is legal.
  • Canada: The status in Canada about online gambling is still undetermined. However, the citizens of Canada can enjoy online gambling in other countries.
  • China: Internet gambling is banned over here. Only lottery and sports lottery is considered legal. But, Hong Kong and Macau are famous for online gambling.
  • Denmark: Danish Authority of Gambling has legalized internet gambling over here.
  • India: The status is undetermined over here, but Goa is a popular game in India for online gambling.
  • Japan: Japanese government has not granted any license to the gambling websites, hence it is banned.
  • Mauritius: The government has issues licenses here in the year 2002.
  • Romania: Here, the status is undetermined over here.
  • Saudi Arabia: Online gambling is completely banned over here.
  • United Kingdom: Internet gambling is legalized in UK.
  • Switzerland: Internet gambling has been banned in this country.

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