Russia Gambling Laws

By | April 11, 2021

If you take a look at the history of Russian gambling world, you will find it completely different from what exists today. The year of 2009 did not prove to be a good one for those who were related to the world of casino. It was the year when the government of Russia imposed a ban on gambling. As a result, it led to the shutdown of most of the casinos in the country. No doubt, around one-third of a million people lost their job and casino lovers were left devastated. At present, there are only four regions in the country where gambling is still considered as legal. So, let us take a look at their gambling laws.

Gambling Laws

The Federal Executive Agency, a body authorized by the Russian government is responsible for framing laws related to gambling in four gaming zones in the country.

The first and the foremost law is that no other zone will be allowed to run gambling activity. The four zones are – Primorie, Kaliningrad, Altay, and area covered between the borders of Rostov region and Krasnodar region.

Only those bodies or companies will be allowed to organize gambling activities those who are registered as legal entities by the Russian Federation.

Personal security of gamblers is a must for every gambling company, both online and land based.

No bookmaker is allowed to open their office within the four regions.

Russian government do not offer license to domestic companies in order to operate online casinos. However, people are allowed to take part in foreign gambling websites.

Games Allowed

All sorts of casino and gambling games are allowed in Russia. However, you would find limited number of sportsbook sites and bookmaker site that are allowed in the country. Below are some of the widely available games in the country:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Bingo
  • Slots machines
  • Russian roulette
  • Keno
  • Texas Hold’em poker

Fee Or Charges

No such fees or charges are levied against gambling in this country.

Tax Information About Russia

After the Law no.142-FZ related to Gambling Tax came into effect in the year 2004, the new Gambling Tax law was introduced. Without any doubt, the new taxation law was quite complicated for the casinos and gamblers as well. It was introduced by the Tax Code of Russian Federation, and it made gambling tax as regional. As a result, every region turned out to be independent for deciding about the gambling tax rate. However, it has to be within the limits prescribed under the Law no.142-FZ. For slots machines, the rate of taxation on winnings was between 1,500 and 7,500 Roubles. On the other hand, it was between 25,000 and 125,000 Roubles for bookmaker cash desks, totalistar cash desks, and other gaming tables.

Best Gambling Sites

Below are some of the popular options for gambling in Russia:

  • Casino Flamingo
  • Casino Udarnik
  • Carnival casino
  • Casino Jazz Town
  • Desperado Casino
  • Vegas Casino and Sports bar